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Bid Title: RFP: Professional Services for Fuel Farm Fueling System
Category: Bid/Requests for Proposals Postings
Status: Closed



Professional Services 


Fuel Farr,1 Fueling System 

Aviation Fueling System - Rockdale HH Coffield Regional Airport 



Proposals must be submitted by June 1st @ 11:00 a.m. (local time). 

Proposals may be submitted via U.S. Mail or the proposer's express shipping carrier of choice. 



The City of Rockdale will receive Proposals until June 1st, 2023 at 11 :00 a.m. (local time) for the purpose of a company to construct and install an Aviation Fueling System. 


(Sealed Package) 

City of Rockdale 
HH Coffield Regional Airport 
Attn: Barbara Holly 
505 West Cameron Avenue 
Rockdale, TX 76567 


For proposals submitted via U.S. Mail or an express shipping carrier, an original copy of the Proposal and all required supplemental material listed on the Proposal Form must be submitted in a sealed package. The package should be labeled to read: 

RFP-City of Rockdale, HH Coffield Regional Airport-Aviation Fueling System -Attention Barbara Holly 

Each Proposal package submitted must clearly show the Proposer's company name on the outer cover. Facsimile Proposals will not be accepted. Any Proposals received after the above stated date and time will NOT be accepted and/or evaluated. Each Proposer is fully responsible for ensuring that their Proposal is timely received and shall assume the risk of non-delivery or untimely delivery caused by its chosen delivery method, whether by US Mail, public carrier or otherwise. This RFP does not commit The City of Rockdale to pay costs or expenses of any kind incurred by the various Proposers during proposal preparation, submittal or presentations, (if any). 


The Proposer is required to carefully examine the Scope of Services required. It will be assumed that the Proposer has investigated and is fully informed of the conditions, the character and quality of services to be performed, and the type of services to be provided, and of the requirements of the RFP. 


The Proposer must fully understand the City of Rockdale's requirements for the services to be 

provided. Failure to do so will not relieve a successful Proposer of its obligation to carry out the provisions of the RFP. The Proposer must be familiar and comply with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that in any manner affect the services. In addition, the Proposer will be held responsible for having examined the details of the proposed Scope of Services. The Proposer will use its personal knowledge and experience or professional knowledge as to the character of the proposed services, and any other conditions surrounding and affecting the proposed services. The submittal of a Proposal will be construed as evidence that all Proposer obligations have been satisfied and no subsequent allowance will be made in this regard. 


Airport Innovative Solutions, LLC (Darrell Phillips) will be in charge of all proposals and reviews for the City of Rockdale, Texas. 

No interpretation of the meaning of any part of the RFP, or corrections of any apparent ambiguity, inconsistency or error therein, will be made to any Proposer in writing. All requests for written interpretations or corrections MUST be in writing addressed to Darrell Phillips by email  

All requests must be received by May 30, 2023, two working days before the closing date listed at the beginning of this proposal which is June 1st, 2023@ 11 :00 a.m. (local time). All 

such interpretations and supplemental instructions will be in the form of written Addenda to the RFP 

documents, which, if issued, will be e-mailed by dphil!ipsn@?? Darrell Phillips. However, it is the responsibility of each Proposer, before submitting its Proposal, to contact Darrell Phillips (830-358-8130) or to find out if any Addenda were issued and to make such Addenda a part of its Proposal. In case any Proposer fails to acknowledge receipt of any such Addenda in the space provided on the Proposal Form, its Proposal will nevertheless be construed as though Addenda has been received and acknowledged. Only the interpretation or correction so given by Darrell Phillips in writing will be binding and prospective Proposers are advised that no other source is authorized to give information concerning, or to explain or interpret the RFP Documents. 

Publication Date/Time:
4/26/2023 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
6/1/2023 11:00 AM
Plan & Spec Available:
The City of Rockdale is seeking a proposer to construct and replace old fueling system and provide all new specifications as requested. The successful Proposer must be able to provide the proscribed specs listed below.
The Proposer will provide a turnkey project and will provide the completion of a new fueling system facility for the City of Rockdale as follows:
The City of Rockdale will be responsible for the concrete slab and electrical to the pre-wired fuel farm system.
The City of Rockdale will require that the job site be conducted in a safe and not an environmental threat to other tenants or customers on the Airport. Job site will be clean and trash free at all times. The job site will be free of debris; no scraped supplies, wiring, paint, piping, concrete or dirt will be left for clean up. Your company will keep the project manager (Darrell Phillips) informed in advance for alternate planning of any type of large equipment coming onto the airport and or if any roadways will be blocked by equipment or construction.
The City of Rockdale would like to have a timeline for completion of this project. Upon awarding this project, the Airport will allow up to 10 weeks for completion. In the event of weather, the Airport will provide consideration upon agreement with proposer for extended completion. After 1 O weeks the City of Rockdale will deduct $100. 00 per day until completion.
The aviation fuel farm proposer under these specifications must meet or exceed all of the requirements and test procedures to include, but are not limited to, the following:
+ AT A 103 Specifications, if applicable
+ NFPA 407 Specifications, if applicable
+ API requirements, if applicable
+ Federal and or State of Texas Specifications, if applicable
+ Proposers shall present best and final pricing only.
+ Post pricing will include delivery including transportation cost, lift to off loading and installation and set up testing and training of equipment to Airport staff.
NOTE: The fuel system will be installed for the use of Self Service Fueling System. Original Tank will be set up with pumping system to off load and filter out of tank through 24 hour self service
card reader. Proposer will provide one year full warranty for complete installation, if any extended warranty please note:
Piping and valves to connect the tank and pump prior to the final filtration is schedule 40 black pipe, all piping and fittings after final filtration will be schedule 1 O stainless steel. All Joints, pipe to pipe will be welded joints no thread piping connection. All piping will be colored code direction of flow (arrows) (blue for Avgas) in color.
Proposer will provide and install QT Technologies Model M4000 PRO Card Reader. Above existing tank will be set up with two stage valves for QT Technologies Model M4000 PRO card reader.
• Provide (1) QT Technologies M4000 PRO for Avgas fueling
• QT weather cover
• QT program to monitor system (Site-Minder)
• Provide installation set-up and training.
Price to remove existing equipment Old Pump, filter, hose reel. (We will use old tank and skid)
QT Technologies Model M4000 Pro Self-Service Fueling Terminal-includes Siteminder
Pro fuel Management ( Allows you to monitor unit from City Hall) software featuring account management, Sales activity, tail numbers entry, private card accounting, inventory management, tank level reconciliation and tiered discounting. (NOTE if you have other parts to replace some of these let me know)
• Wayne Dispenser with two stage valve for Card reader
• 1 ½ '' X 50' Hannay Reel with push button & 120 V AC Rewind with Rollers
• VF-22SB-PG Absorbent Filter Housing
• Flex Hose 1 'x 24''
• Facet P/N FG-0-612-2 Filter
• Labor system built and on--site set-up three days on site.
• Paint
• Piping-schedule 40 black pipe to filter then schedule 10 stainless steel to hose reel.
• Pre-wired supplies as needed
• Skid Steel, existing remove old pumps and paint and install new.
• Delivery and mileage
• Per-diem
• All weather cover for the M 4000 card reader
• Shipping and Handling
• 1'' Avgas Nozzle OPW, #295SA
• Hose 1'' X 50' NFPA
• VR Gallons/Dollars Price
Unit will be completed assembled on site, dispenser and hose reel will be mounted on existing skid
on existing Tank.
Note no substitution for above specs without written approval SEE ADDENDA.
Please provide any additional Options and Price on the final PROPOSAL PRICE SHEET.
All Options will be considered.
Once awarded builder will provide Fueli·ng System layout and wiring requirements for pumps and Card reader to the City of Rockdale, TX.
City will be responsible for concrete pad and all electrical to prewired system.
It is the intent that all specifications are in full and complete compliance with all Federal and State of Texas laws and regulations that apply to the type of fuel farm tanks and equipment being provided. This includes, but is not limited to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards; . City of Rockdale and / or State of Texas requirements for fuel farm under NFPA 407. In addition, any Federal and/ or State of Texas legislation which should become effective regarding fuel farm safety, Installation and Fire code standards will be meet or exceed any such safety standard.
After a thorough inspection upon delivery, City of Rockdale and or representative reserves the right to reject delivery of any equipment at its sole discretion or, it be repaired (if authorized by City of Rockdale) or replaced within 20 days or manufacture time limit.
PROPOSERS MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS 1: Please provide following info with cover letter.)
1.Proposer's Name
Proposer's name recognition as Aviation related Fuel Farm Supplier
Proposer must be an aviation fuel farm supplier with a minimum of five (5) years experience in aviation airport fuel farm construction. Please provide at least 3 references from past installations within the past two years.
Support Services
Proposer must be a full service supplier who provides a complete package of marketing support services related to the sales of aviation fuel farm and equipment.
4. Insurance
Proposer will provide a copy of insurance provider and detailed coverage description and coverage for airport facilities.
5. Training Minimum Requirements
Proposer must provide training to airport staff on operation and daily inspection for Quality Control Checks. Provide airport staff with manuals on the fuel farm for all tanks and equipment for future reference for inventory, repairs and filter replacements. Manuals should cover tank specs, electrical, pump equipment and ground equipment such as hoses, reels, filters, filter vessels and nozzles. (Will provide electronic version as well)
A very important consideration would be support from our proposer. Please describe your company's support in maintenance support annual inspection support and parts and equipment support. Please indicate response time in the event of an emergency and ground support equipment, repair truck response time as well.
Office Hours and Location
The proposer must provide the location of office, contact personnel or persons at office and hours of operation, after hours and I or emergency hours.
Annual Tank Inspections:
The City of Rockdale would like you to provide an annual inspection of the fueling system and provide filter changes per inspection. The first annual inspection will be at no cost to the City of Rockdale for final warranty, thereafter please provide cost of annual inspection and filter change cost. The City will pay for first year filter change and thereafter. Please provide filter and labor cost of filter changes for the first year.
Special Requirements:
The emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content and ease of locating responses to requested information. Any information thought to be relevant, but not applicable to the enumerated Scope of Services, should be provided as an Appendix to the Proposal. If publications are supplied by a Proposer, the Proposal should include reference to a document number and/or page number of that Appendix material. Proposals not providing this reference will be considered to have no additional material to be considered during the evaluation process.
If the Proposal is made by an individual, he or she must sign his or her name therein and state his or her address and the name and address of every other person interested in the Proposal as principal. If the Proposal is made by a firm or partnership, the name and address of the firm or partnership must be stated. If the Proposal is made by a corporation, the Proposal must be signed by an authorized officer or agent subscribing the name of the corporation with his or her own name and affix the Corporate Seal. Such officer or agent must also state the name of the State, under which the corporation is chartered, and the names and business address of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Any Proposal may be withdrawn by written request of the Proposer until the date and time set above for the closing date of proposal acceptance. Any Proposal not so withdrawn wilt, upon opening, constitute an irrevocable offer (or until one or more of the Proposals have been duly accepted by the City of Rockdale, whichever is earlier) to provide the City of Rockdale the services set forth in the attached specifications. City of Rockdale action on Proposals will take place within the time period that it takes to review and to make the best decision for the best interest for the City of Rockdale; however, no guarantee or representation is made as to the time between the Proposal opening and the subsequent City of Rockdale action.
Any of the following causes may be considered sufficient for the disqualification of a Proposer or rejections of the Proposal:
A. Submission of more than one Proposal for the same work by an individual, firm, partnership or corporation under the same or different names. If a company has more than one division, only one Proposal may be submitted for the same company.
B. Evidence of collusion among Proposers.
C. Incomplete work for which the Proposer is committed by contract, which, in the judgment of the City of Rockdale, might hinder or prevent the prompt completion of work under this Contract if awarded to such Proposer.
D. Being in arrears on any existing agreement with the City of Rockdale or having defaulted on a previous contract with the City of Rockdale. For purposes of this section, corporations, partnerships or companies, or firms or other business entities created for the purpose of shielding any individual, firm, partnership, corporation or other business entity from the application of this provision may be considered for disqualification.
E. Items 'C' and 'D' above will be con.sidered by the City of Rockdale after the opening of Proposals, and, if found to apply to any Proposer, the City of Rockdale will notify the Proposer that his Proposal will not be considered for an award of the Contract.
F. Failure to provide the notarized forms, if any, required in the Proposal documents, and any other requirements listed on the Proposal Form. Minor irregularities that do not materially affect the Proposal may be waived at the sole discretion of the City of Rockdale.
Proposals will be considered irregular and may be rejected if they show omissions, alterations of form, additions not called for, conditions, limitations, unauthorized alternate Proposals or other irregularities of any kind. The City of Rockdale reserves the right to waive any non-conformance or irregularities of Proposals, or to reject any or all Proposals, in whole or in part, whenever such non-conformance or irregularities are minor and such action is deemed in the best interest of the City of Rockdale.
City of Rockdale reserves the right to reject any and all proposals that we feel will not reflect the best interests of the airport, its customers or the community.
The City of Rockdale will have a pre-construction meeting held on May 9 2023 1 pm - 2pm at the Rockdale HH Coffield Regional Airport, location at 1372 FM 908, off of Hwy 77, Rockdale Texas, Airport Ramp Area; this will allow questions and answers if any before RFP submission. This will be located at the project site for review, questions and answers. All question and answers will be posted and sent out and posted for attendees. Note: Any changes of this RFP will be by ADDENDA and will be sent out by email as stated above.

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