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Park: Rockdale's Dog Park

Welcome to Rockdale's Dog Park.  It's a safe place to allow your dog to run & play off-leash.

Fully-fenced with a double entry gate system, the Rockdale Dog Park currently has a culvert "tunnel" to run through or jump over and (every dog's favorite curiosity!) a fire hydrant to experience.

A water source is also available for dogs is available at the Dog Park.

Please review the posted "Tail Wagging Rules" and please see to the safety of pets and people at the park.  Thank you for using the Pet Waste Station and cleaning up after your pet.  

Future plans are to install park benches and a shade structure along with other obstacle course activities for dogs.  Also in the works is an expansion to include a separate large dog area.

The Rockdale Dog Park has been made possible solely by donations from individuals and businesses in the community.  Please contact if you would like to donate or contribute to this community amenity.

Thank you Founding Sponsors: Whinstone, PAWS and the Rabinowitz Family, as well as other sponsors, Rockdale General Store and Albreight's Well Service.

The Rockdale Dog Park is located next door the Rockdale Animal Shelter, where you can adopt a loving dog seeking their "fur-ever" home.  The Animal Shelter will also happily accept donations.  Call 512-446-3436 and ask for Animal Control.